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Government Building

Public sector organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver enhanced services to their citizens. At Le Marais Advisory, our public sector consultants equip government leaders with the tools and strategies to not only meet but exceed these expectations, ensuring efficient and effective public service.

To enhance the social, economic, and environmental well-being of citizens both today and in the future, governments need to be responsive, agile, and innovative in solving complex issues. However, many public sector organizations still operate within outdated, hierarchical, and bureaucratic structures ill-suited for contemporary challenges. By embracing transformation and leveraging technologies like AI, the public sector can profoundly impact billions of lives through effective crisis response, innovative societal solutions, and other critical initiatives. It is essential for these organizations to rethink their operational and organizational frameworks to truly make a difference.

Our Government Expertise


Digitizing Government Services

Le Marais Advisory partners with government agencies to work in new ways, use data to optimize policy development and service delivery, build end-to-end digital journeys for citizens, and design digital services for governments of the future.

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Public Sector Health

We specialize in assisting healthcare providers to harness the power of AI and machine learning to transform their operations and patient care services. Our expert team collaborates closely with medical institutions to implement cutting-edge technologies that optimize diagnosis processes, enhance treatment personalization, and streamline operational efficiencies.

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Economic Development

The landscape of economic development is swiftly changing, and the most pivotal drivers of economic growth often present the greatest challenges. Emerging technologies and innovative business models are redirecting economic expansion into new sectors, requiring adaptive strategies and forward-thinking approaches to harness their potential effectively.

Military Aircraft


Defense and security institutions seek out Le Marais Advisory for our deep expertise across both private and public sectors. We specialize in adapting private-sector best practices to the specific needs of our defense and security clients, achieving critical objectives like enhanced equipment reliability, innovative operating models, and substantial cost savings.

How We Support the Public Sector Missions:

At LMA, we work across the public sector value chain to help our clients navigate their most pressing challenges, including:

  • Automated Document Processing: Implement AI to automate the processing of vast amounts of paperwork, such as applications, permits, and records, reducing administrative burden and speeding up service delivery.

  • Predictive Maintenance for Public Infrastructure: Use machine learning to predict when roads, bridges, and public buildings will need maintenance, allowing for timely repairs that save money and reduce downtime.

  • Fraud Detection and Compliance: Use machine learning to detect patterns of fraud and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, safeguarding both social services and integrity.

  • Enhancing Patient Experience: Implement conversational AI for patient engagement, providing 24/7 responses to patient inquiries and support through chatbots and virtual health assistants.

  • Health Data Management: Leverage AI to manage and analyze vast amounts of health data from various sources, ensuring data integrity and accessibility while maintaining privacy and security standards.

  • Civic Engagement and Feedback Analysis: Utilize natural language processing to analyze public feedback from social media and other platforms, gaining insights into citizen satisfaction and areas of concern for better governance.


Your partner for all things AWS

Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

Featured Client Success Story

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Strategy | Gen AI | Conversational AI | Email Automation

Transforming a worldwide organization with a modernized contact center.

LMA designed a modern contact center leveraging Self Service, Conversational AI, Email Automation and Generative AI for our education software client. Our client was a global company had over 10 million+ contacts a year and annual run rate of over $185m. The team also created 3 proof of values for the client leveraging Generative AI for contact intent, email automation in SalesForce, and Conversational AI.


in run rate savings.

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AI Center of Execellence

Building a AI Center of Excellence for our Public Sector Health Partner

An AI Center of Excellence (CoE) designed for a healthcare client, particularly one associated with military medical services, focuses on ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of their staff through advanced AI integration. This CoE acts as a central hub for innovation, best practices, and expertise in artificial intelligence, aiming to harness AI's potential to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.


increase in efficiency

Where we've made an impact

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Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where generative AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

Unlock AI’s full potential with a strategy session

Attend an AI strategy session to take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of generative AI at scale. Collaborating with our experts, you’ll learn:


  • How to adopt and scale AI safely yet efficiently across your enterprise 

  • How organizations like yours are gaining business value from generative AI in a priority use case

  • How to progress quickly from strategy to pilot to scale

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