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In the rapidly evolving world of insurance, staying ahead means embracing innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Navigating the complexities of risk, customer demands, and regulatory requirements requires a sophisticated approach. Our AI-driven solutions empower insurers to enhance predictive analytics, improve claim processing efficiency, and deliver personalized customer experiences. Whether you're looking to optimize underwriting processes or revolutionize customer engagement, our expert team is equipped with the tools and insights necessary to drive your success.

Partner with us to harness the full potential of AI and ML in your insurance operations and set a new standard in your industry.

Our Insurance Expertise

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Property and Casualty

At Le Marais Advisory, we provide targeted AI and ML solutions that significantly enhance the capabilities of property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies. Our advanced analytics help streamline claims processing, detect fraud more effectively, and optimize risk assessment models, thereby reducing operational costs and improving profit margins.

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We specialize in propelling the growth of InsurTech companies by leveraging our deep expertise in AI and ML. We assist these innovators in developing technologies that disrupt traditional insurance markets and enhance customer experiences. Our solutions enable InsurTechs to streamline operations, improve customer engagement through personalized digital interactions, and utilize predictive analytics for better risk assessment and pricing strategies. 

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Insurance Transformation

By integrating intelligent automation and predictive analytics, we help insurers enhance accuracy and efficiency, resulting in faster claims resolutions and more precise risk management. Our commitment to innovation extends to helping insurers adopt new business models and technologies that meet the demands of digital-first customers, ensuring that they not only survive but thrive in a competitive, rapidly changing environment.

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Life Insurance

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the life insurance sector. Our tailored AI and ML solutions enable life insurance companies to refine risk assessment, enhance policy personalization, and streamline underwriting processes. By employing advanced predictive analytics, we help insurers accurately model longevity and disease risk, thereby optimizing pricing and reserve setting. 

How We Support Companies in the Insurance Industry

At LMA, we work across the insurance value chain to help our clients navigate their most pressing challenges, including:

  • Automated Claims Processing: Implement AI-driven systems to automate the evaluation and processing of claims, reducing manual errors and speeding up claim resolutions.

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: Utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns and flag potentially fraudulent claims, helping insurance companies save millions in fraudulent payouts.

  • Risk Assessment Optimization: Leverage AI to enhance underwriting accuracy by more precisely assessing risk based on a broader range of data sources, including non-traditional ones like social media or IoT devices.

  • Customer Churn Prediction: Deploy predictive analytics to identify policyholders likely to cancel their policies, enabling insurers to proactively engage these customers with retention strategies.

  • Customer Service Chatbots: Develop AI-powered chatbots to handle customer inquiries, provide policy information, and assist with claims, enhancing the customer service experience.

  • Personalized Policy Recommendations: Use AI to analyze individual customer data and suggest personalized insurance products tailored to the specific needs and risk profiles of customers.

Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

Featured Client Success Story


AI Strategy | P&C | Conversational AI 

Transforming a worldwide organization with a modernized contact center.

For regional insurance companies looking to enhance customer engagement and optimize their operations, integrating Convo AI and Predictive Analytics presents a transformative opportunity. Convo AI can revolutionize customer interactions, providing 24/7 support through intelligent chatbots that respond accurately to inquiries and policy questions, improving both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


in run rate savings.

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AI Center of Execellence

Building a AI Center of Excellence for our Public Sector Health Partner

An AI Center of Excellence (CoE) designed for a healthcare client, particularly one associated with military medical services, focuses on ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of their staff through advanced AI integration. This CoE acts as a central hub for innovation, best practices, and expertise in artificial intelligence, aiming to harness AI's potential to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.


increase in efficiency

AWS Partner

Your partner for all things AWS

Recent Projects

conversational ai
Contact center modernization

We developed a state-of-the-art contact center solution that leverages AI to enhance customer service efficiency and satisfaction. By integrating advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technologies, we enabled the system to understand and respond to customer queries with higher accuracy and speed.

fraud analytics
Anomaly detection

Implemented a comprehensive fraud detection system for our public sector client aimed at identifying and mitigating instances of fraud, waste, and abuse. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the system analyzes patterns and anomalies in claims data to flag potentially fraudulent transactions.

predictive analytics
Regional Insurance Modernization

Enterprise Transformation that included ML and AI Pilot projects, Global Talent Sourcing, Robotic Process Automation and Advanced Analytics to revolutionize how a regional P&C Insurance business goes to market. The projecting savings from our work resulted in $80m in run rate savings.

Where we've made an impact

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Take the next step

Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where generative AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

Unlock AI’s full potential with a strategy session

Attend an AI strategy session to take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of generative AI at scale. Collaborating with our experts, you’ll learn:


  • How to adopt and scale AI safely yet efficiently across your enterprise 

  • How organizations like yours are gaining business value from generative AI in a priority use case

  • How to progress quickly from strategy to pilot to scale

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