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Customer Experience empowers companies to seize growth opportunities and address critical business challenges. At Le Marais Advisory, our experts in customer experience consulting utilize their profound understanding of customer behavior and advanced analytics technologies, combined with a distinctive methodology, to transform these insights into practical, actionable strategies.

At Le Marais Advisory, our customer experience phase is designed to transform and elevate how businesses engage with their clients. By leveraging our deep expertise in data science and AI technologies, we create customized solutions that not only enhance the end-user experience but also streamline interactions and improve service delivery. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of customer journeys and touchpoints to identify areas for improvement, deploying advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to craft interactions that are both satisfying and efficient.

Our CX Expertise

Customer Support Representative

Contact Center Modernization

Contact modernization revolutionizes customer interaction by integrating cutting-edge technology to streamline communication and enhance service efficiency

Soap Store Customer

Customer Journey

Journey mapping provides a comprehensive visualization of the customer's experience, highlighting key touchpoints and opportunities for enhanced engagement and satisfaction.

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AI Solutions

AI solutions for customer experience (CX) leverage machine learning and natural language processing to personalize interactions and optimize customer satisfaction across all touchpoints.


Contact Elimination

Contact elimination strategically reduces unnecessary customer interactions, streamlining processes and improving efficiency without compromising service quality.

How We Support organizations in improving their Customer Experience

At LMA, we focusing on creating a frictionless customer experience to help our clients navigate their most pressing challenges, including:

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Use analytics to track and understand the customer journey across multiple channels, identifying pain points and opportunities to improve engagement.

  • Omnichannel Service Experience: Create a seamless customer experience across all platforms — from mobile and web to in-store interactions — ensuring consistency and ease of access.

  • Customized Marketing Messages: Use data-driven insights to craft marketing messages that are tailored to individual customer profiles, increasing relevance and effectiveness.

  • Customer Personalization: Use AI to analyze customer data and deliver personalized banking experiences, product recommendations, and financial advice, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Integrate conversational AI into customer service channels to provide quick and reliable assistance, reduce response times, and improve overall customer engagement.

  • Predictive Analytics: Leverage predictive models to forecast market trends, customer behavior, and upselling, allowing firms to take proactive measures rather than reactive ones.

Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

Featured Client Success Story

Image by Ferran Fusalba Roselló

Strategy | Conversational AI | Predictive Analytics

Modernizing a Wealth Management firms Contact Center

We recently modernized the contact center of a prominent wealth management client by integrating conversational AI and predictive analytics. This initiative, aimed at enhancing the 'Voice of the Customer,' utilized advanced conversational AI to provide immediate, nuanced responses to client inquiries, significantly improving customer satisfaction and engagement. Simultaneously, our implementation of predictive analytics allowed the firm to proactively address common client issues and queries, which dramatically reduced overall call volumes.


in run rate savings.

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Contact Center Modernization

Education Software Company Contact Center

Le Marais Advisory was engaged to create a more frictionless customer experience. Our approach began with a comprehensive mapping of the existing customer journey to identify key friction points. We then implemented strategies for contact elimination, removing unnecessary steps that did not add value to the customer's experience. Simultaneously, we integrated AI solutions to enhance the remaining touchpoints. AI-driven chatbots were introduced to provide 24/7 customer support, and predictive analytics were utilized to offer personalized product recommendations and anticipate customer inquiries before they arose.


in efficiency and effectiveness savings

Recent Projects

data scientist
Contact center modernization

We developed a state-of-the-art contact center solution that leverages AI to enhance customer service efficiency and satisfaction. By integrating advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technologies, we enabled the system to understand and respond to customer queries with higher accuracy and speed.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Implemented a comprehensive fraud detection Center of Excellence and built a system for our public sector client aimed at identifying and mitigating instances of fraud, waste, and abuse. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the system analyzes patterns and anomalies in claims data to flag potentially fraudulent transactions.

finance analytics
Markov Models

In a project designed to optimize the management of student loans, we employed Markov models to predict borrower repayment behaviors and assess the risk of default. By categorizing borrowers based on their repayment history and demographic data, we developed a state transition model that could predict the likelihood of moving from one repayment state to another (such as on-time payments, delinquency, or default).


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Where we've made an impact

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Get started quickly with an AI strategy briefing, Discover where generative AI can make the biggest impact and how LMA can elevate your AI investments.

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  • How organizations like yours are gaining business value from generative AI in a priority use case

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